Allign SDRS Thresholds and Datastore Usage on Disk Alarms

Last week I was monitoring a relatively large vSphere cluster with several host clusters and datastore clusters. I saw a couple of datastore warnings related to the datastore usage. There were two or three datastores that were more than 75% utilized.

Strange, because other datastores in the same datastore cluster had more than plenty of free space. So why didn’t SDRS kick in to distribute the files more evenly?

The reason for this is that the default warning threshold for the alarm is 75%. However, the default space utilization ratio threshold for SDRS is 80%.

So SDRS only kicks in when the utilization is more than 80%. But by then, the alarm for the datastore usage is already triggered.

My solution for this ‘problem’ was to align both thresholds at 75%. If for some reason SDRS cannot move files to another datastore and it gets even fuller there is still the alarm alert that is set at 85%.

vRO – Import configuration – Exception occured. Could not extract ResultSet

While trying to import a vRealize Orchestrator configuration from one vRO appliance to another I received an error:

Not much information so I looked at some log files. There I got a bit more info on whats going on.

So it looked like the appliance ran out of memory. The first step I took was to increase the memory of the appliance itself. However I still bumped into a limit…

The flat line showed me that some process used al of the available memory. The next step was to increase the memory heap size inside the appliance. For this I followed this article: How to adjust the memory heap size for VMware vRealize Orchestrator (2138939)

Unfortunately it still didn’t work. The reason for this was that the import process doesn’t use the vco-server service but the vco-configurator service… So instead of editing the file for the server service I had to edit the same file for the configurator service. Edit the file  (/usr/lib/vco/configuration/bin) and search for this line:

Then increase the -Xmx value until the import is succesfull.