vRO – Import configuration – Exception occured. Could not extract ResultSet

While trying to import a vRealize Orchestrator configuration from one vRO appliance to another I received an error:

Not much information so I looked at some log files. There I got a bit more info on whats going on.

So it looked like the appliance ran out of memory. The first step I took was to increase the memory of the appliance itself. However I still bumped into a limit…

The flat line showed me that some process used al of the available memory. The next step was to increase the memory heap size inside the appliance. For this I followed this article: How to adjust the memory heap size for VMware vRealize Orchestrator (2138939)

Unfortunately it still didn’t work. The reason for this was that the import process doesn’t use the vco-server service but the vco-configurator service… So instead of editing the setenv.sh file for the server service I had to edit the same file for the configurator service. Edit the file setenv.sh  (/usr/lib/vco/configuration/bin) and search for this line:

Then increase the -Xmx value until the import is succesfull.