Migrate Cisco Nexus 1000V to VDS with PowerShell – part 2

In a previous post I talked about the migration of a Cisco Nexus 1000V virtual switch to a VMware Distributed Virtual Switch. During the testing of the script I ran into some issues that were related to the underlying Cisco platform. But then I already made the decision to do the migration to Standard Virtual Switches. This would save me an extra migration needed to move the ESXi hosts to another vCenter.

I also decided to migrate the VMs with the Migrate Virtual Machine Networking wizard so I could delete some steps from the script. Now the script only performs some connection steps, downloads port group info from the Cisco 1000V switch and then creates a Standard Virtual Switch including port groups on every host that is connected to the Cisco 1000V switch.

After the standard switches are created one of the physical nics must be migrated in order to get connectivity on the standard switch. Then the VMs can be migrated and finally the vmkernel port and second physical nic can be migrated to the standard switch.

If there are no issues the hosts can be removed from the Cisco 1000V switch and are ready to be moved to the new vCenter Server.